Large Animal Immobilon

Packets of Immobilon

What is Etorphin?

The approved generic name of M99 (Large Animal Immobilon) is etorphine hydrochloride, and the chemical name is 6,14-endoetheno–7a(1-(R)-hydroxy-1methylbutyl)-tetrahydro-nororipavine hydrochloride. M99 is chemically related to morphine. The pharmacology was fully described by Blane, Bora, Fitzgerald and Lister in 1967. Large Animal Immobilon is a combination of etorfine plus acepromazine maleate. An etorphin antidote, diprenorphine (also known as diprenorfine, diprenorphin, diprenorfin, M5050 or Large Animal Revivon) contains mainly diprenorphine for animals and a human-specific naloxone based antidote, which should be prepared prior to the etorfin.

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